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Breakfast + Baking Lover

Reusable solid wood gift box. Same-day local delivery is included in the price of the box. 
Our deluxe breakfast box featuring two of our homemade items! A perfect gift for kids and adults alike!  
  • 16oz Jar The Hampton Grocer Granola
  • 12oz Thunder Island Ground Organic Coffee 
  • 16oz Tree Juice Maple Syrup 
  • 4oz Daniel Boulud Smoked Salmon 
  • The Hampton Grocer Pancake Mix (makes approx 10 pancakes)
  • Fetti' For Confetti Pancakes  
  • 2lb Each Farmer Ground - All-Purpose Flour + Cornmeal 
  • 1lb Kriemhild Dairy Bakers Butter - Salted or Unsalted 
  • FINE+RAW Chocolate Hazelnut Spread