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The Hampton Grocer

We started as a local delivery service. Shopping at local farms and vendors and delivering to homes in The Hamptons. 

Now, we sell granola!



We only use whole, natural ingredients in our staple flavors! We do no use any refined sugar and our granola is naturally gluten free. 

Each jar is packed with over 50% nuts, seeds, and coconut! We keep it heavy on a good stuff, and light on the oats. 

YES! We ship nationwide. 

In the pantry! 

The granola will also freeze really well! Make sure it is at room temperature before you open the jar or bag (very important!)

We source all of our honey from Kutiks Honey Farm in Oxford, NY. 

Yes! Whenever possible.

Current organic ingredients:

Certified Gluten Free Oats
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Flax Seeds
Vanilla Extract

Yes! We use certified gluten free organic oats. 

No. Our granola is baked in a kitchen that uses gluten (however, not at the same time). All of the ingredients in our granola are certified gluten free. 

We use dried cherries in our original granola. 

Our savory granola is unique as it packs a PUNCH! The savory granola is made with honey but has a kick from cayenne and a hint of rosemary. 

We suggest eating it by the best by date on the label for peak freshness. If you are not eating your granola quickly, we suggest storing it in the refrigerator or freezer to help extend its shelf life! 


Yes, we do! For all orders over 2 cases (24 jars) we offer wholesale pricing. 

At this time, we only sell our jars wholesale. 


Yes! You can find stores closest to you here!


Yes, we sure do! Custom labels are available for all orders of 200+.

No, hopefully one day! You can buy from us in real life at the following farmers markets.

Thursday - Montauk Farmers Market

Friday - East Hampton Farmers Market

Saturday - Sag Harbor Farmers Market

Sunday - East Hampton Farmers Market