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Throughout the summer we will be updating our recipe guide, below! If you are one of our existing clients please use this guide as a reference for easy to prepare summer recipes. We will shop for all of the ingredients, and provide you with the recipe.

Don't see something that you are looking for - give us a shout and we will help find the perfect option for you, and your family. 


Grains + Beans 

chickpea with cucumber and fresh herbs 
couscous with toasted pine nuts and parsley
quinoa with roasted corn and kale 
mediterranean farro salad with feta and mint 
black bean and corn salad 
green beans with ginger and garlic 
creamy polenta
classic cornbread 


cold sesame noodles
spaghetti with fresh clams and breadcrumbs 
zucchini, ricotta, and basil fusilloni
mint, basil, and fresh mozzarella with spaghetti 
no cook summer tomato sauce with fusilloni 
orecchiette with sausage, kale and beans 
spaghetti with burst sungold tomatoes 
lemony orzo with asparagus and garlic breadcrumbs 
lobster mac and cheese 



lemony grilled broccoli with pecorino 
roasted broccoli with tahini garlic sauce 
sumac-scented eggplant and chickpeas
sautéed wild mushrooms with spinach
shaved zucchini with parmesan and marcona almonds 
summer grilled cabbage
corn with tomatoes, feta and mint 
sweet and spicy grilled vegetables 
dilly cucumber salad
arugula with peaches, goat cheese and basil
classic caesar salad 
crunchy asian slaw 
french potato salad 
charred kale with citrus and green tahini 
greek-style watermelon salad 
miso eggplant 



cilantro mint chutney 
vegan basil walnut pesto 
spicy cashew sauce
lime soy marinade - great with tuna or swordfish
miso marinade


Fish & Shellfish

scallop ceviche 
shrimp, watermelon and avocado salad 
lobster potato salad
lobster salad 
swordfish with basil and capers 



tangy vinegar chicken with dried cherries and orange  



steak tacos with ciltantro-radish salsa


vietnamese style pork chips with torn fresh herbs 
one pan pork chops with feta, snap peas, and mint 
jalapeno marinated pork chops 
pork with grilled peaches